Prospective Training

40 Hour Mediation Training

Learn the art of workplace mediation.

Trans-acting in the Workplace Workshop – Call for schedule

Parents and Children With Disabilities Workshop – Call for schedule

Bowen’s Concept of Differentiation: A Tool For Mediators. – Call for schedule

Training Particulars:

Mediation Training In Washington

1. Forty Hour Family Mediation Training – Call for Schedule Cost: $900 – Limited Enrollment

2. Trans-acting in the Workplace – (Learn how to administer a psychometric test assessing behavior in the workplace, and how to coach and counsel employees based on the results of the test) – Cost: $600 – Limited Enrollment

3. Parents and Children With Disabilities – (When a parent and a child or children or both have a disability – special considerations) – Cost: $300 – Limited enrollment

4. Bowen’s Concept of Differentiation: A Tool for Mediators

All training will be held in Washington, DC. Or, I will travel to your location. For more information, please check the website or call Peter Maida directly at: (cell) 202-285-2510 or (office) 202-730-0864.


(Contact Dr. Maida and receive an Invoice-registration form.  Call 202-285-2510 with any questions.)


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