Board of Reviewers

Karen Asaro
Mediator, Trainer, Consultant. Karen Asaro Mediation Services.
Advanced Practitioner Member, Association for Conflict
Resolution. Former President of Virginia Mediation Network.
Currently a Board Member of the Virginia Mediation

Dr. Dale Bagshaw
Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Psychology, Social Work
& Social Policy, University of South Australia; Visiting
Professor and Examiner, Mediation and Conflict Intervention
Programs, National University of Ireland; President, Asia
Pacific Mediation Forum.

Patricia Bragg
Owner at Changes, South Winnipeg, Canada Area, Individual and
Family Mediation.

Dr. Isabella Buzzi
Owner, Studio TdL della Buzzi Isabella, Milan, IT.
President of Steering Committee, European Forum Training and
Research in Family Mediation

Sandra Clemons, MA
The HLC Group – Mediation Services. Florida Supreme Court
Certified Mediator. Mediation practice areas include: managed
and pre-suit foreclosure, financial services, employment

Jeffrey M. Cohen, Esq.
Nationwide practitioner based in Albany, NY. Mediates and
facilitates in many practice areas including, family, estate
matters, partnerships, and corporation disputes. He is
chairman of the ACR Ethics committee.

Dr. Larry Fong
Psychologist, Mediator, Arbitrator at Fong Ailon, Calgary
Canada. He has been in practice for over 30 years. Past
President of four mediation organizations
throughout Canada and the United States. Author of numerous

Ericka Gray, MS
Principal of DisputEd. Adjunct Professor at Boston College Law
School and Suffolk University. Member of American Bar
Association, Section on Dispute Resolution and the Association
for Conflict Resolution. Provides mediation
training throughout the United States.

Merri Hanson, MA
Director at Peninsula Mediation and ADR. A communication
professional who provides ADR services for government agencies,
corporations, and non-profits as well as private individuals
and groups. Holds certification for all levels of
mediation by the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Dr. Margaret Hermann
Margaret Hermann, LLC (Doc Peg) is located in Athens GA. She
trains across North America and internationally. Her
specialties include conflict coaching, facilitation for
dialogues and planning, and mediation. She is the author of
numerous publications.

Anju Jessani, MBA
Owner, Divorce with Dignity Mediation Services located in the
Greater NY City area. Accredited Professional Mediator with the
New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators.

Carolyn Laredo, Esq.
Owner, Law and Mediation Offices of Carolyn M. Laredo. She is a
mediator with the State of New York Public Employment Relations
Board. Her specialities include collaborative law, mediation,
and arbitration. Member of the Association for Conflict
Resolution and New York State, Council on Divorce Mediation.

Dr. Kenneth Neumann
A child psychologist and family therapist. He was a founder of
the Center for Family and Divorce Mediation. He is also a
founding member of the Association of Professional Family
Mediators. He has been a practicing mediator for more
than 30 years. He is an active trainer and frequent presenter
at conferences.

Alessandra Passerini, Esq.
In Rome, IT, a specialist in mediation training, conflict
management, and conflict transformation. She has an interest
in gender and intercultural issues.

Margaret S. Powers, MA, MSW
Greater Chicago Area.  The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Northwestern University, M.S. Powers and Associates, Inc. Her specialties include divorce,custody, family mediation, family and individual therapy, mediation training, collaborative law practice and workplace disputes.

Domingo Ramoncito Salviejo
At Vancouver Community College, Vancouver British Columbia,
Canada. Has a sound knowledge of educational standards. His
strength includes excellent writing skills. He has been
trained in mediation, negotiation, conflict resolution,
and counseling.

Dr. Donald T. Saposnek
Is a clinical-child psychologist, a child custody mediator, and
family therapist. He is the author of Mediating Child Custody
Disputes and Splitting America: How Politicians, Super PACs and
the News Media Mirror High Conflict Divorce. He
was the past editor of the International Academy of Family
Mediator’s News. His extensive mediation trainings include
workshops on “parenting skills”.

Paula Trout, MBA, MPA, JD
President and CEO at Alternative Dispute Resolution Forums. She
has been an Adjunct Professor at DeVry University. She has
taught graduate level courses at the Keller Graduate School of
Management. She was a Board Member of the
Association for Conflict Resolution. She provides mediation
and investigative services for federal agencies.

Dr. Maria Volpe
Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Her
specialties include conflict and dispute resolution, mediation,
facilitation, sociology, and criminal justice. Dr. Volpe is
recognized as a world leader in promoting conflict resolution.
Her accomplishments include leadership in dispute resolution
organizations. She is also the author of numerous

Alex Yaroslavsky, MBA
Founding Principal of the Yaro Group. A mediation professional
affiliated with the arbitration and mediation panels of the New
York Stock Exchange, the National Association of Securities
Dealers and the New York City’s Civilian Complaint
Review Board. Currently he is on a Returnship at Goldman

Nancy Yeend,
Founder of TES, The End Strategy, Portland, OR. She has served as a mediator for over 30 years, specializing in real estate, partnership and workplace issues for all levels of conflict: pre suit, trial and appellate. Nancy serves as a dispute management specialist and trainer. She is faculty at the National Judicial College.