Constructing Communication: A Journal

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Constructing Communication: A Journal is an on-line open access journal with an emphasis on communication styles and dispute resolution.

The Journal will publish previously unpublished manuscripts including original theoretical and empirical articles.  These articles  may be based on either quantitative or qualitative research. At times the Editors may request case studies, brief research notes, simulations, teaching notes or book reviews.

Contributors must remember that Constructing Communication is the main focus of the Journal.  It is up to the discretion of the Editor to decide whether authors have met this general requirement.  Does the contributed manuscript: a) address how we learn to communicate; b)  compare styles of communication; c) demonstrate differences in communication, comparing yesterday’s styles with today’s and the future’s; d) expand traditional explanations for constructing communication, e.g., learning or balance theory into models that reflect today’s differences in communication brought about by the influences of social media; e) how people are trained both traditionally and currently to communicate.

The Journal will publish two to four online issues annually.  It is now encouraging and welcoming article submissions. Please send inquiries and manuscripts to:  We will provide timely guidance as to how to access the Journal’s archives as publications become available.  That is, they have been submitted, reviewed by the Editor as to suitability, sent to two Board of Review members, returned by reviewers, and in most cases, resubmitted for publication after editing by the contributor.

Views expressed throughout the Journal manuscripts are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of or of its officers, directors, editors, members, or staff.

Note Change in Review Process

    The journal will accept manuscripts that will require no review process using the discretion of the Editor. If a contributor wishes to have the submission reviewed by select members of the Editorial Review board for professional reasons, please request a review.

The Journal owns the Copyright as far as the articles chosen for publication.  Authors agree not to publish their contributions elsewhere without express permission of the Journal.  For those who which to copy more that 50 words from a published article, they agree to pay a fee to the Journal.